• Your Skincare Christmas List

    Not sure what you want for Christmas? Not sure what to get your best friends? Don’t worry, we’ve got it sorted for you! Our skincare-essential Christmas wish list will help you bring in 2022 with your skin looking and feeling its best. All these products are also from brands focussed on sustainability, helping the planet alongside helping you.
  • Sustainable Swaps for Christmas

    Over the Christmas period an extra 30% of rubbish is produced in the UK, including 54 million plates of food and 108 million rolls of wrapping paper. As a nation we also spend an estimated £42 million on unwanted presents which end up in landfill and £2.4 billion on clothes that we barely wear.



  • Shopping Small this Black Friday

    Here at Gaia and Vie we will have some exciting Black Friday offers available for you! With our new night cream being launched the day before, make sure you stock up on your old favourites and try out our sweet dreams night cream. We hope you love it!


  • The benefits of using a night cream

    A night cream is a hugely important part of your skincare routine and can improve your skin incredibly. Night cream helps to moisturise and soothe your face. It also helps boost collagen in your skin which improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • The Power of Avocados

    Avocados are packed full of healthy goodness and a source of healthy fats, but recently this gorgeous green fruit has been demonised in the media. The boom in avocados has said to have caused environmental damage in regions like Michoacán because of their huge water demand and fuelling of deforestation. But does this mean we shouldn’t eat avocado? Of course not! It just means when picking our source we should try our best to ensure the fruit is produced ethically and sustainably.


  • Eco-Shopping: Have you been to a zero waste store yet?

    Zero waste shops help avoid wasteful packaging by stocking products you can collect in reusable containers, bottles or jars. This helps the environment by reducing the amount of single use plastic produced and also can help save you money, with an estimated fifth of the money you spend on products going to packaging.
    Products stocked in zero waste shops are often ethical and committed to zero waste and plastic free packaging. Products stocked vary widely from beauty products to food. Simply first weigh your container, fill with the product, weigh again and then pay for the amount you are buying.
  • Sustainable Halloween

    It’s finally pumpkin’s time to shine, but instead of carving a pumpkin for decoration and throwing it away, there are plenty of ways to give this fruit another little life. Millions of pumpkins are wasted yearly, with half of people buying them simply carving them and throwing them away. This contributes 18,000 tonnes to our already huge problem with food waste in the UK and is completely avoidable. 95% of pumpkins grown in the UK are consumed around Halloween, so let’s not let all our farmer’s hard work go to waste. Read on to learn some new, fun uses for your pumpkin and give them a go this year!
  • 6 ingredient, skin-saving recipes

    We all have busy lives, and eating well can slip down our list of priorities on busy evenings. But eating well is so important for your mental and physical wellbeing, and your skin will show the effects of a poor diet after a while. But don’t worry! Eating well doesn’t have to take hours and cost lots of money.


    We have 2 quick, easy recipes which only require 6 ingredients and will bring your skin some much needed TLC. They are also completely plant based and full of vegetables. We hope you enjoy!

  • Winter Skin Prep

    As we go into Autumn and enjoy our pumpkin spice lattes, fluffy jumpers and begin to approach Christmas (am I allowed to start getting excited yet?), our skin might take a hit from the harsh winds, cold temperatures and dry air. But don’t worry! Learning how to prepare your skin for the cold can help reduce the effects of the season change.
  • Sustainable swaps for your beauty regime

    With the news full of scary stories about climate change, we can be left feeling helpless and like there is nothing we can do. Whilst it is important to recognise most pollution is caused by big companies, making little swaps in our daily routine can help us make a difference and protect our planet.

    There are lots of sustainable swaps possible for your beauty routine. This article will cover just a few of these possible swaps to get you started on your journey to sustainability. The key with sustainable swaps is trying to think of ways to replace single use products.
  • Cold showers: Good for your skin, good for your mind, good for the planet!

    As we go into Autumn, cold showers might be the last thing on your mind, but the benefits may make braving the icy water worthwhile. A cold shower ...
  • Skincare for your body

    Your skin covers your whole body, in fact it is your largest organ. So why do we only feel like we can treat the skin on our faces? Here are a few tips to start tackling your body skincare needs.