Feeding your skin

Because glowing skin starts from within....

From a young age, we’re taught how to feed our bodies to make them the best they can be. But what about our skin? A lot of food groups have such massive effects on the way our skin looks and behaves and many of us don’t even know it!

As always, these blog posts are to help and advise through our own research. But, if you do have any major concerns, don’t hesitate to speak to a professional to work out a plan targeted to your personal needs as Gaia&Vie is not providing medical advice 😊

Who else notices they look a bit grey the morning after a night out, or Christmas day or a Saturday full of snacks?  *raises hand* and after noticing this, I did a bit of research as to why this happens!


Sugar is hard to get away from, and lets be honest, we all need to treat ourselves sometimes with some sweets or chocolate. But large amounts of it are not the best for bouncy, gorgeous skin. Sugar in any form breaks down your natural collagen production much sooner than it would from ageing, leading to a dull complexion and makes it…well…a bit saggy. If you’re noticing more breakouts than usual or your skin looks a bit tired and sad, cut down on the fizzy drinks and chocolate snacks and see how much healthier your skin looks!


People only talk about what smoking does to our bodies, but it’s also really damaging to our skin. It causes premature ageing as well as overall dullness. If you smoke, try and get the help to stop asap! Especially if you’re noticing the things mentioned.

Drink up!

Water is such a key factor for normal functionality of our skin! I’ve heard soooo many people saying how much healthier their skin looks and feels when they put the effort in to drink more water during the day. The easiest way to do it is by getting a big water bottle and aim to finish and refill it throughout the day.  That way you’re getting your 2 litres in but are also using less single-use plastics 😉.
Have you ever been on a night out and looked and felt like a goblin in the morning? Yeah..me too :/.  Most alcoholic drinks are just sugar, but they’re also really dehydrating, so watch your intake and drink lots of water in the morning!

Eat well!

We all love a treat every now and again but keep it as a treat to maintain a good gut health. Try swapping out your usual snacks to healthier alternatives!
Its important to eat what is right for you and your lifestyle, but generally, sugar, processed food, dairy and anything fried are pretty famous for playing havoc with the skin. If you’re having skin probs, swap out or limit some of these within your diet to see if they are the cause!


*make sure you talk to a professional or your GP before considering the use of supplements* 

Vitamin D

A great one to take if you’re in a colder climate, i.e. everyone in the UK as most of us are actually vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D can reduce the risk of depression, flu, cancer as well as type 1 diabetes.


Great for good gut health! What happens on the inside, shows on the outside, so consider taking probiotics to maximise the health of your skin! Speak to a pharmacist to get the right one for you

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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