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This week we have a really exciting one for you. We’ve teamed up with the Indy Box to chat about all things skincare and sustainability.

The Indy Box is a beauty subscription box ran by Becky and her Auntie Sue that contains independent brands for an affordable monthly price. The Indy Box came to life during the first UK lockdown after Becky was furloughed from her full-time job. A combination of more free time and a passion for beauty allowed Becky to team up with her Auntie and create the perfect box to showcase independent businesses and GREAT skincare!

We grilled Becky earlier in the week for all the latest skincare gossip. Here’s what she said!

Are there and trends in skincare you have noticed recently?

“Oils are a huge thing now! I was always so scared to use oils, as I have acne-prone, and quite oily skin. We make sure that I try out all of the products that we feature in our boxes, which means I’ve discovered so many new products. It was actually the Gaia & Vie oil which made me fall in love with oils and realise that it doesn’t matter if you have oily skin - you should still use oils. The Gaia & Vie oil transformed my skin and it’s never been clearer since using this oil. I will definitely be repurchasing and making it a staple in my skincare routine!
Another is CBD/Hemp Products. I’ve always been so reluctant about trying CBD products too - but now that I have, I understand the hype!”
Why should we support smaller/independent beauty brands?


“I didn’t realise until I started the boxes, just how many people were taking the plunge and starting businesses that they’re passionate about.
It’s so lovely to see. Independent businesses are people’s passions. They put their heart and soul into their businesses, and they deserve more recognition for the amazing work they do.
I’ve been a huge fan of beauty since I was about 13. The pandemic/The Indy Box has changed my spending habits on beauty completely. Rather than spending my money with major brands now, I spend it with indie brands! My goal with The Indy Box is to encourage even more people to do so and help them discover their new favourite products.”
Have you noticed a popularity in a certain skincare product while running the Indy Box?

“I think brands in general. It’s so lovely to see beauty brands when they’ve just started out and see them grow and grow.
There are so many products out there that deserve more recognition for what they do, so by featuring them in boxes, we hope that more people will appreciate just how amazing their products are!”
How important is sustainability in the beauty world to you?
“It’s so important. Overconsumption is very common in the beauty world and is often linked to beauty boxes.
This is why make sure we don’t repeat product types too close together in our boxes - if you’ve received a full-sized moisturiser in one month, you’re not going to want to receive one the month after!
Another big thing in the beauty world, is packaging - packaging has such an impact on sales, but it also has such an impact on the environment too. This is why all of our packaging is fully recyclable.
I’ve found that Independent beauty businesses are a lot more conscious of the affects they’re having on the environment, as opposed to larger brands. That’s why we love to give businesses like these a platform to promote their products, in an effort to make the beauty industry a little bit more sustainable.”
Have you got any predictions for future trends in beauty?
“I definitely think sustainability will become more important across the board in the beauty world, which is great news. You’re already seeing larger beauty brands following suit in an effort to become more sustainable!
I also think that the importance of supporting independent businesses will definitely continue, post-lockdown too. I really hope it does, as there are so many brands out there with amazing products and stories, that will change the game for lots of people’s beauty routines!”
BIG thanks to The Indy Box for collaborating with us on this blog post!
You can shop their boxes HERE and follow their Instagram HERE for more info about the brand and future boxes.
I’ve loved writing this post! Let us know in the comments if there are any other small businesses you’d like us to collaborate with for a future blog post!
Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
By Rachel Smith

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