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Everyone has different skin types. Whether it’s an oily t-zone and normal cheeks or you suffer from the odd flaky patch, Gaia & Vie are here to help!
Keep reading to get to know your skin!

What is my skin type?

Knowing how your skin behaves is super useful if you want to know your way around the skincare shelves. Before we get started, it’s important to understand that like every other part of you body, your skin changes often. The way your skin looks and feels can be affected by age, hormone levels and even the weather. So just like when the seasons change and you need to switch up your wardrobe, it’s pretty normal to need different skincare products for different times in your life.

Dry If you have dry skin, you’ll probably already know it. A good test is to leave your face for a minute or two after you wash it and see how it feels. If your skin feels tight, a bit uncomfortable or even itchy, you’ll be on the drier end of the scale.

Normal - I don’t think anyone has *fully* normal skin, but it basically means that you have low maintenance skin that sits comfortably in-between dry and oily.

Oily If you get noticeable, excessive shine throughout the day, then you’ll be classed as oily. Everyone gets spots but having oily skin can often be linked to being more spot prone and having enlarged, noticeable pores.  

Combination A lot of people will be classed as having combination skin. It just means that you have a mix of skin types and textures going on, such as an oily t-zone and dry cheeks.

How to show your skin some L-O-V-E

Skincare is all down to preference, so if you have a routine/product that you love and works for you, stick to it. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your products and what will work best for your skin type.


It sounds simple, but use products targeted at dry skin. These will have a good oil content and be comforting on the surface of the skin. You don’t necessarily have to go for something mega thick, lots of thin layers is better than one thick one…think of it as getting dressed for a cold windy day, lots of layers 😉.

If you haven’t already tried it, our Nourish Oil is great for hydrating the skin. Its lightweight, non-greasy formula is super easy to apply and combats dryness as quickly as the first use (it also smells like a spa, so it’s a win-win if you ask me).
Use something gentle and non-stripping when it comes to cleansers; cream and balm formulas are best for dry skin.

Hydrating mists are great ones to have in your routine if you’re on the drier side. Use them on bare skin, in between skincare steps and for top ups throughout the day.


You have it pretty easy when it comes to skincare- lucky you! Use gentle formulas and nothing too stripping, alongside light moisturisers.


It’s kind of annoying having combo skin, as you have to cater to your diva skin. Using an oil-free moisturiser where you’re oily and a richer formula for any dry bits is a good option.

Why not try ‘Nature’s Power Couple’ from Gaia & Vie to nourish your dry areas and sort out your breakouts.
Even though it’s tempting to want to dry out your skin so it never shines again, oily skin needs a good amount of moisture. Light oils (yes…OILS) and moisturisers will be your best friend when it comes to rebalancing your skin, alongside serums containing niacinamide (for oil control) and salicylic acid (great at reducing breakouts).

Try and stay away from really foamy washes and too many oil-free products, your skin will really benefit from a bit of oil here and there (from an oily skin gal I can say this is TRUE, my skin was so more manageable when I introduced oil into my routine).

Our Clarity Oil is great for adding moisture and reducing breakouts, in a gentle and easy to use way. Give it a go TODAY!

For cleansers, go for something with a gel or milk texture, so it’s easy to remove and doesn’t clog pores.

Don’t be afraid of using acid toners to help with texture and cell turnover. Have a look at our blogpost on ‘Amping Up Your Routine’ for tips on when and how to use acids.


If you’re new to skincare and are thinking about kickstarting your routine, check out some of our earlier blog posts on how to build a routine that’s best for you!


Thanks for reading! See you next week!
By Rachel Smith

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