Skincare and its importance to having a routine that inspires positivity.

My skincare routine is everchanging I have recently began suffering with acne prone skin, this is so hard to manage when I have had crystal clear skin until I was 18 and then my skin started to get oily and acne prone. It’s been a hard adjustment and a lot of trial and error, but I have slowly started to find some products that work for me (I’ve still got a long way to go) 
After finding the right products I began to create a routine both for the mornings and for night-time I didn’t realise how beneficial this is especially in regard to the positivity I try to share with others.  I have always been someone that loves a routine but since moving out and living with my partner it can be really hard to maintain one. I’ve found that having a consistent skincare routine gives me that sense of having a daily routine. This doesn’t mean keeping the products the same everyday but just the act of having a skincare routine that I can follow allows me to keep that positive mindset that I really want to help others with.
My goal is to show my journey with positivity and inspire others to understand that it is possible to have a positive lifestyle and that having appositive life doesn’t mean ignoring your emotions. Skincare was a step that I fell in love with when I began this journey it started as just a way to help with my breakout and skin issues, but I found it to be so much more than that. Its self-care that we can do every day. We can give ourselves and our bodies that time and care that they deserve skincare is a way of loving yourself by taking better care of yourself.
So, I’ve spoken about the general benefits of having a skin care routine but something that I am a big advocate for is the changing of the stigma that surrounds mental health. So, in regard to mental health skincare can be incredible. I personally suffer from anxiety and depression and when my depression is acting up, I can find it hard to even move and the smallest of tasks seem like mountains. So, a simple skincare routine can be a more accessible task. This also helps me to do something on my depressed days because I know that if I break the routine that I will struggle getting back into it.
Skincare can be something that we think of yeah, I’ll do it later, but I don’t know if it’s just me but in summer keeping that skincare routine is so much easier because you should be putting SPFx on anyway that you can do the rest of the routine at the same time so after saying all of this I guess you’re wondering what my routine is.

So here it is:

The first thing I do in the morning is wash my face, I then tone my face (I just feel like it helps my oily skin) the next thing I do is use my SPF moisturiser. If I choose to do make up I will then spray myself with a vitamin c face spray and finally ill apply my makeup.

My night-time routine is still pretty simple, but it changes day to day.
Every day I was my face with Tea-tree facewash, I will then tone my face with a cotton pad. Then I use either hyaluronic acid drops or my Gaia&Vie Clarity face oil. The final step is to apply spot treatment if I have any problem areas.
My routine is super simple because it is so easy to maintain and when I compete it, it really helps me to keep in a positive mindset. Sometime when my skin is super flaring up, I find it easier to have a skincare break which as much as it means that I don’t keep my routine of doing my routine it can also help to not have that pressure.
The most important part of this post is that each person has individual needs and ways to incorporate positivity into their lives. A routine is an amazing way to get the ball rolling but as long as you are learning to find a bit of positivity wherever you go then your life will be filled with happiness.

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