Skincare for your body

Your skin covers your whole body, in fact it is your largest organ. So why do we only feel like we can treat the skin on our faces? Here are a few tips to start tackling your body skincare needs. 

Acne can appear everywhere, from your face, to your back to your chest. Our Clarity face oil is formulated to tackle spots and it can do this all over your body. So start treating your chest and back like your face and start a new skincare habit today. 

What about dry patches? We all get them from time to time. First of all turn to our Nourish face oil. Then remember to moisturise to lock the goodness in. Finally cover your patches in SPF to protect them from any further UV damage that can aggravate your skin. 

Who also gets bumpy skin, especially on their legs and arms? Why not try salicylic acid and an exfoliating Konjac sponge to help calm them down. This combo targets the bumps (sometimes known as chicken skin) and minimises their appearance. 

Do you have any body care tips? Leave them in the comments below

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