How to get glowing skin when working out

Through the various lockdowns we’ve had, I started running to get my steps in and get my fitness up. I did some research on how I should be treating my skin to protect it from the UK weather and wanted to share it with you today!
Here are my top skincare tips for working out!


Tip 1 - Always exercise makeup free! It isn’t good for your skin to get sweaty in full glam, and let’s face it, it won’t look the same afterwards. It’s best to have a clean face before any form of exercise so nothing is sitting on top of the skin.

AM: your usual morning cleanse, followed by tips 2 and 3

PM: double cleanse to remove any makeup, dirt and oil before completing tips 2 and 3

Tip 2 - Always moisturise! Moisturiser isn’t just for moisturising; it helps protect the surface of the skin from the elements. Whether it’s rain, wind or sunshine, moisturiser will be your best friend! If it’s a bit frosty outside feel free to use something thicker, but you don’t need to buy anything different from what’s already in your stash.  

Tip 3 - Wear SPF if you’ll be outside. Even if it’s a short run or bike ride, don’t forget to apply before you leave the house. I know it contradicts what I just said but if you don’t like the idea of being out and about with no makeup on, a lot of SPF’s now come with a tint; my favourite one from La Roshe Posay comes in a tinted version if you prefer. I also love the Drunk Elephant sunshine drops added into my SPF (or moisturiser) to give a subtle bronze glow.
 Just make sure you double cleanse when you get home!

Tip 4 - DRINK DRINK DRINK!!! You lose a lot of water during exercise, so it’s important that you keep hydrated before, after, and during your workout. This one is always important but especially if you’re working out in the sun outside, we don’t want any of you getting dehydrated now do we!!


Do I have to use different products depending on the exercise?

Sort of…
Outdoor exercise means no makeup, moisturiser and SPF.
Indoor exercise means no makeup and moisturiser.
Swimming means no makeup and a light moisturiser to protect your skin from harsh chemicals in pool water.
The more you experiment with what you have in your collection (if you’re an addict like the Gaia & Vie team and have backups of everything), the more you’ll know about what works best with your skin type when you work out.

Gym bag essentials (for after lockdown)


I’ve only been to the gym a few times and found it quite intimidating because I had no idea what to do (still believe that no one actually knows what they’re doing in the gym…just fake it til you make it). If you’re planning on starting the gym post lockdown, here are a few things you might need in your bag to be as prepared as possible!

Makeup remover – good to have a mini in your bag if you fancy a post work sesh. Have a look at your favourite brands to see if they offer minis of your holy grail products. Alternatively, you can decant some into a reusable container.
Hydrating mist – mists are a great way to add hydration to the skin between skincare steps. They are also really helpful at preventing moisture loss before and after exercise.

Pre-workout: apply after cleansing and before moisturiser.

Post-workout: apply after exercise on the way home to keep the skin hydrated before you do your usual routine.
Moisturiser – similarly to makeup remover, make sure you have a back up on you at all times in your gym bag. If you don’t want your most fancy glass tubs being bashed about in a bag, decant some into a travel container; you could also buy a cheaper, light moisturiser especially for your gym bag.
Clean towel – if you inherited your dad’s sweaty genes like I did then this one is essential. Take one around the gym with you to wipe that SULA (hi Wild Child fans!) and keep a clean one for cleansing post workout (if you use the facilities in the gym).
Lip balm – is it just me that gets crusty lips after working out? You lose a lot of water during exercise, so hydration is a must when you finish your set.
The most important thing is to cater to your own needs when it comes to skincare. We’re here to help out and give recommendations but do what you and your skin likes!
Thanks for reading, see you next Monday!

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  • I have been guilty of working out in makeup in the past for sure, got to try to avoid that one! Thanks for the tips


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