Skincare Trends Demystified: Facial Massage

Facial massage seemed to appear one day in the influencer world. My Instagram feed was full to the brim with Gua Sha’s and Jade Rollers and between me and you…I don’t think anyone really knew what to do with them.

The real truth is, that using facial massage tools for lymphatic drainage and sculpting has been around for years, originating from Chinese practices. It was used in East Asian medicine many, many, many years ago to help with muscle pain and inflammation and is now available for us today! But, it’s important to know how and why to do it.  

The main benefits include improved circulation and a decrease in puffiness, that’s why you’ll see a lot of people putting their tools in the fridge for and ultra de-puff in the morning. Due to the origin of tools such as gua shas, we recommend that you buy from companies who know what they’re talking about and who keep their values inline with traditional Chinese practises, such as one of our faves, Mount Lai

Why should I do it?

As I mentioned above, facial massage has been around for years to sculpt the face, as well as improved circulation and blood flow in the face, neck and chest. The only downfall is that the benefits are not instant with these methods, and they do take regular use to notice any sort of differences in the way you look. However, is suuuper relaxing and a great thing to add to your pamper routine, so even if your double chin (double chin gang raise your hands) doesn’t go overnight, at least you’ve enjoyed yourself 😉

Using tools for facial massage is a great way to apply oils. It ensures complete absorption and maximum effects. Why not give it a go with one of the Gaia & Vie oils and let us know what you think!

How do I do it??!

When you do a google search on how to facial massage, there are soooo many tutorials on what and when to do it, so it can often be quite overwhelming. The general rule is to go outwards from the centre of your face to get the best outcome.

It works best when you have a bit of a slip to your skin when using your fingers or a tool for facial massage. Using an oil is a great option for this, such as our Clarity or Nourish oils.  

Jaw line
- start from your chin and apply pressure outwards, towards the bottom of your ear and give it a little wiggle. Either use the knuckles on your index and middle finger or the indent in a gua sha.

Cheek area - use the flat side of your gua sha pressing towards the hair line or use your knuckles again along your cheek bone. Always give a wiggle to release the tension!

Forehead – press from the eyebrow up towards the hair line. The flat side of the gua sha will work well for this part.

Neck – use knuckles or gua sha downwards on the side of the neck for lymphatic drainage and sculpting effects.

Chin – press from the point of the chin backwards

Do each one about 10 times on each side of the face.

What’s the difference between a gua sha and a jade roller?

Honestly, in terms of effects, there isn’t one really! It’s personal preference as to which you prefer and what you’re more likely to use. However, I do think jade rolling is great for more instant effects such as depuffing and increased circulation, while using a gua sha has long lasting effects such as sculpting.

Tip - A benefit of using a tool rather than your hands is that you can pop them in the fridge before using, adding a cooling effect onto the whole experience. Using a jade roller that’s been in the fridge under your eyes is such a good way of reducing those morning bags, so have a little roll while you’re having your morning coffee.
What do you think about facial massage? Just a craze, or a life changing routine? Let us know in the comments!
Thank you so much for reading this week! We hope you’ve enjoyed!
By Rachel Smith


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