Sustainable Swaps for your Bathroom

Sustainability always seemed like such an unattainable thing to me when people first started talking about it. Items labelled ‘sustainable’ came from higher end brands, so my student budget didn’t allow me to try things out. But with more knowledge and better accessibility of ingredients and materials, sustainably sourced products found their way into the high street and into my bathroom.
Here is a list of some of our favourite products that don’t compromise on quality but guarantee less waste.

Bars of soap
These are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to turn your bathroom into a waste-free zone. Substituting them for your shower gels, hand washes and exfoliators are some of the easy ways to go plastic free in 2021. Many brands now offer multipacks, which means minimal packaging, plus it saves you money!!!
At the minute I’m using one from The Body Shop. It comes in card packaging
and gives more of a lather than any shower gel I’ve used. All you need to store it is a reusable soap holder, which lasts forever and can be picked up at any supermarket.

Ellie uses the dove beauty bar in replace of a hand wash and she loves it because “it’s so nourishing and available everywhere, so I don’t have to go out of my way to be plastic free.” (Pictured right is the soap stored on the No Time for Waste Bamboo Soap Tray from Etsy, RRP £13)

Cleansing balms
Ditch the makeup wipes and start using cleansing balms to remove your makeup. Makeup wipes are actually really ineffective at removing makeup, they take off the surface layer of dirt and makeup, but then just move the remains around, as well as spreading bacteria all around your face. Using cleansing balms and a flannel, not only removes makeup more effectively, but it also produces less waste. Have a look at our ‘Fuss Free Skincare Routine’ HERE to find out how we use our favourite cleansing balms to get glowy skin.  
Plus, find out more about my fave, camomile cleansing balm from The Body Shop (RR £11)

Reusable cotton pads

If you’re a micellar water or toner user but are concerned about how many cotton pads you go through, then reusable ones are for you. They often come in packs and when they’ve been used, simply put them in the wash and use them again. They have become such a popular item, they’re now available in supermarkets! How easy!

Reusable period products

Sustainable products for those who menstruate are still quite a new thing, but with more knowledge and new materials being developed so regularly, we can see a future of period care with a lot less waste and single use plastics. Many brands now offer sanitary towels and tampons that have recyclable and even flushable packaging. Products such as period pants are also on the rise, however, the most sustainable and accessible of them all is the menstrual cup, which is a made out of medical grade silicone and can be reused each cycle. They are available in various sizes depending on your age and whether you’ve given birth or not.
Refillable products
Many brands now offer our favourite products in a refillable format. Refill products are generally available in packaging that uses less plastic, lessening the amount of single use plastic we have in our bathrooms. Simply empty the product into your existing bottle.  Brands that I know and love that offer this includes, Isle Of Paradise, Aussie Hair Care, REN Skincare and Wild deodorant. Don’t forget to check out your local eco-stores, you will be surprised how many products can be refilled.  

Bamboo oral care
Bamboo is another really affordable way to swap some items in your bathroom for more sustainable ones. Bamboo toothbrushes are now widely available in supermarkets and chemists, as well as being much better for the environment. For some reason I thought bamboo toothbrushes wouldn’t be as effective, but after trying a few they work just the same as regular ones! To dispose, remove the bristles and put the bamboo handle in the compost bin.  

If you’re a flosser, bamboo or silk floss is a great, guilt free alternative. Our founder Ellie loves this one from Better (RRP £5.89)

Toothpaste tablets
What a genius invention! Although still not so widely talked about, toothpaste tablets are such a simple and easy way to ensure less plastic is going in your bin each month. They are so easy to use, just give them a chew and start brushing. Plus, if you’re a camper (after lockdown woo), they are super handy. 

Disposable razor alternatives
Although disposable razors are super convenient when it comes to shaving, they are really bad for our planet, and as many of us know, they don’t give the cleanest shave anyway. They are 100% plastic and cost more in the long run. Buying new heads for your razor means much less plastic being disposed of and are often more cost effective when bought as a pack.
Plastic free shaving is on the rise with the help of zero waste razors which are made up of bamboo or metal handles and detachable blades. They may be harder to find but will definitely be worth it in the long run. Let us know your fave brands in the comments below!
Reusable/Bamboo ear bud/q tips
It might not seem like much but small changes like this really do make a difference when it comes to sustainable living.
Bamboo cotton buds are 100% plastic free and are often biodegradable. They are no different to those with the plastic stems, so why not make the change. These ones from Tiger and were just £1 for a pack of 100!!!
Reusable ear buds are also becoming more and more popular due to their convenience. They are made using super high-quality materials meaning you can wash, re-use, and produce less waste. They also now offer various shapes for cosmetic use, so if you’re rubbish at eyeliner like I am then these will be good for you.

Deodorant balms
I didn’t even know this existed until our social media gal Hannah suggested it for this week’s blog! It’s such a cool idea and they work just as well as a standard deodorant. They come in glass jars (recyclable or reusable) and you literally just rub some on your armpits and you smell lovely all day.  What a fab idea!
Other options
Research is a vital part of getting started on your sustainable life. Have a look into some of your favourite brands to see where they source their ingredients and packaging materials to judge how good they are in terms of reducing the use of single use plastics.
A lot of companies offer recycling schemes if you are not able to do so at home. Many brands even convert your empty products into points or a free gift when you take them into the store to be recycled…it’s a win-win. Look Fantastic have just began their recycling initiative in which you send back empty products to them to recycle. Other brands that we know offer recycling schemes are:

The Body Shop
The main thing you should take from this post is to not worry if you don’t have access to all of these swaps. Making small and simple changes in your daily routine will make such a massive difference.
Share this blog post with your mates to make sure we’re all doing the most in making this planet a lovely place to be, with less plastic and high-quality product.
Let us know your favourite sustainable products in the comments! We’d love to try some new things!
Thanks for reading!

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