The benefits of using a night cream

A night cream is a hugely important part of your skincare routine and can improve your skin incredibly. Night cream helps to moisturise and soothe your face. It also helps boost collagen in your skin which improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Whilst we might think we need to focus on skincare during the day to ensure we protect it from pollution, UV rays and dirt, the routine at night is just as important as the night is when skin cells work to repair the damage caused throughout the day. A good night routine is the key to better and healthier skin and a night cream is a key part of this.
Your skin needs essential nutrients and vitamins to support the process of regeneration, as your skin tends to lose moisture whilst you sleep. So make sure your night cream is full of moisturising ingredients, such as vitamin A!
Applying night cream is also good for you! When you apply your cream, gently wipe in soft circles on your face to improve blood flow. This allows for oxygen and nutrients to circle, improving the regeneration of skin cells.
But do you really need a different day and night cream? Yes, your day moisturiser should contain high levels of UV protection which can block your pores over night. Night creams tend to be thicker and more hydrating, allowing them to deliver moisture throughout the night. Night creams can also contain active ingredients like retinol or different acids that would be too harsh during the day when combined with exposing the skin to sun.
Just like day-time moisturiser, it is important to find a night cream to match your skin type and avoid any potentially irritating ingredients if you have sensitive skin. 
Night creams are particularly important as you enter your 20s because the collagen production in your skin begins to naturally drop, using night cream will help reduce the appearance of ageing.
Before using your night cream, be sure to use your favourite cleanser and scrub off all the make-up, dirt and pollution from your skin. Then apply your night cream, followed by your Gaia and Vie face oils to help give your skin the treatment it deserves!



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