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Here at Gaia&Vie, we pride ourselves on encouraging our followers and customers to practice self-love and celebrate the bodies they’re in.
In this week’s blog post, we will be chatting to Bronagh from Wyld & Womanli, who creates nude art with the aim to empower and increase the confidence in women everywhere!

Bronagh will be talking us through her inspirations and how art has helped her overcome her own struggles with body image.
After graduating, Bronagh was craving an outlet that brought out her creative side. After a lockdown, a whole load of Pinterest boards and an admiration for the female form, Wyld & Womanli was born!

“The more I painted female nude art, the more I realised that I wanted to create a brand that, for once, lifted women up and showed them how amazing they are just as they are, rather than telling them that they needed to be skinnier, more tanned, prettier, more flawless and that they needed to buy ‘this product’ to achieve that result.”
Nudity within women is still talked about as a taboo subject and no one knows why! A big shot model fully naked seems to be okay, but a photographer’s work with everything tastefully covered is flagged up as inappropriate. After bringing this up to Bronagh, she thought the main reason for this was due to “toxic hyper sexualisation of women”, and how the female form is mainly used to sell products. If we start accepting women’s bodies in the same way we see men’s, it will lead to a much more equal future.

Self-love is a phrase that’s thrown about in magazines and over on social media sites, but it’s actually a really important step to incorporate into your day-to-day life! Bronagh encourages her followers to practice self-love and mindfulness regularly to nurture their well-being and mental health. Even the smallest steps can lead to you making life choices that serve you well, from relationships to jobs.

Not only has her artwork been a great source of self expression for Bronagh, it has also helped her overcome her own struggles with body image. Through painting other women’s bodies, it helped her realise that there is no ‘normal’ body type, there may be stretch marks and cellulite, but without all that she wouldn’t be able to create such lovely art.

“Before starting this brand, I honestly would not have looked at myself fully naked in the mirror for more than 30 seconds because it made me uncomfortable but seeing and painting naked female bodies everyday has made me normalise my body.”

This week, we should all challenge ourselves to do the same as Bronagh and check ourselves out in the mirror everyday to familiarise ourselves with all of our gorgeous bits and pieces, that help us walk, talk and dance about in the kitchen every single day.

Social media is constantly changing and becoming more popular. But, with editing apps that look a bit too realistic, we can never be sure what’s real and what’s been modified; the odd filter and brightness alteration on the pictures we put online can make us feel more confident, but have people crossed a line when it comes to photo editing?

Bronagh herself is a big fan of ‘insta vs reality’ posts created by influencers and celebs who show what their bodies look like when they aren’t posing and sucking in their pasta filled bellies. Wouldn’t it be FABULOUS if each time we logged on to Instagram we saw more ‘natural’ poses and close ups of skin texture, it really does remind us that Instagram isn’t reality.

Have you ever been chatting about your body and noticed how only negative words are being tossed about? Due to adverts, social media and music videos, we have grown up in a world where its acceptable to hate our bodies and talk negatively about them to ourselves and our friends. Artist Bronagh suggests that we should acknowledge that we have stretch marks and lumpy bits but understand that this is our body’s way of adapting and changing to our age and lifestyle. If we put out positivity, we’ll absorb it; the more we talk and think about our body in a positive light, the more confident we’ll be within it.
Join Gaia & Vie in collaboration with Wyld & Womanli in celebrating out LOVELY bodies, through the changes they go through.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!
By Rachel Smith

All images are copies of art by Wyld&Womanli,  shop here  or follow Bronagh's journey here

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