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If you’re a customer of us already, then you’ll be familiar with the gorgeousness that is Gaia & Vie’s oils. The lightweight formula, the recyclable packaging, and the ethically sourced ingredients, are just *some* of the good things about the oils we make! Both our oils also have 5* reviews over on our website…so they must be good 😉

As always when you order products from us, you can expect a 100% plastic-free packaging, and a plantable card! How COOL!
If you’re unfamiliar with our oils, or want to know more, then keep reading!
Nourish Oil

Mmmmm absolute perfection!

Formulated for those who are dry and sensitive, this almond based facial oil is uuuber hydrating and soothing. Formulated with Lavender Oil and Vitamin E, the Nourish Oil supports new skin development as well as maintaining your skin’s natural elasticity, meaning you’re gonna look so youthful and glowy if you add this one to your basket 😉.


How to use

Crack open the Nourish Oil when you’re feeling particularly dry or use as part of your daily routine. Sandwich in between your serums and moisturiser/SPF morning and/or night to get the best outcome. Our oils are lightweight and non-greasy, so don’t be afraid to apply moisturiser on top if you’re feeling a bit on the crusty side.

On our website, the Nourish Oil has 5* reviews! Let’s see what our customers had to say about it…

Clarity Oil

Clarity Oil is the first ever oil ever made by our founder Ellie! Formulated when Ellie couldn’t find any sustainable, natural and affordable products that worked on her spot prone skin. This is a great one if you’re on the oily side and feel like your skin needs a bit of a clean out. Hemp oil is Clarity Oil’s base, to target angry skin, while the Tea Tree banishes breakouts and fights bacteria on the skins surface.

If you’re oily don’t be afraid of adding an oil into your routine. Oil is a great one to calm down the skin’s overproduction of oil, as well as being deeply hydrating.


How to use

Like the Nourish Oil, use in between your serums and moisturiser/SPF. If you’re spot prone, use part of your daily routine; if you only get the odd hormonal breakout, apply this one just to the area you want to treat.
I’ve also found this oil super effective at controlling the spots that crop up on my shoulders and back (let 2021 the year be we talk openly about bacne). Simply apply when and where you need it for quick results.


Let’s have a look at why our customers love it!


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