Your Skincare Christmas List

Not sure what you want for Christmas? Not sure what to get your best friends? Don’t worry, we’ve got it sorted for you! Our skincare-essential Christmas wish list will help you bring in 2022 with your skin looking and feeling its best. All these products are also from brands focussed on sustainability, helping the planet alongside helping you.
Our Face Oils
Face oils can help to regulate your natural sebum production, keeping your skin moisturised and reducing the appearance of oil. Our face oils are packed full of powerful, natural ingredients to help your skin. Our acne-fighting Clarity oil contains tea tree oil, a powerful anti-bacterial that has been a popular wound healer for centuries. This oil is good for both oily and dry skin. Clarity also contains help oil, which helps moderate oil production, moisturising your skin without clogging pores. Hemp also helps soothe inflammation and has anti-ageing properties! These ingredients work perfectly together to reduce acne, smooth out blemishes and reduce redness.
Nourish, our sensitive skin saviours, contains soothing lavender and almond oil to gently moisturiser and protect your skin. Not only does the lavender smell heavenly, it also helps reduce acne, sooth eczema and reduce wrinkles. Almond oil has been used since ancient times as a medication for skin conditions. It is hydrating and can reduce irritation and inflammation. This makes nourish the perfect alternative for those with sensitive skin.
Exfoliate 2021 Away!
Exfoliating is so important for your skin. Facial exfoliation can help remove old, dull skin and allow healthy new skin to come to the surface, as well as preventing the build up of oil and dirt. This makes it particularly beneficial for oily, blemish-prone or dull skin. It also helps your other skincare products penetrate deeper, improving their effects! Read here to learn all about the benefits and top-tips for exfoliating! Scrubbee is a 100% natural, cruelty-free, plastic-free and vegan skincare company selling upcycled coffee face scrubs. These are available for dry, sensitive, combination or oily skin and helps remove dead skin cells without upsetting your skin with harsh chemicals.
Our Konjac sponge is also a wonderful exfoliator. Konjac is an Asian root vegetable that really gently cleanses and exfoliates you skin, the perfect alternative to the harsh microplastics found in many exfoliators. Traditionally, konjac was used by Japanese farmers to cleanse a baby’s skin, making it perfect for sensitive skin. Konjac also contains minerals and is very rich in amino acid and vitamins A, E, D, B1, B2, B6, B12 and C, all of which collectively help nourish and smoothen your skin. This means our konjac sponge brings you all the benefits of exfoliation, without damaging your skin.
Daytime Saviours
Finding your perfect day moisturiser to keep your skin soft and healthy whilst facing all the stresses of daily life is so important. Why not try the White Rabbit Skincare companies plant based, hand-made and reduced plastic moisturisers? Choose from a coconut and rosehip calming moisturiser, rosehip and camellia sensitive skin moisturiser or a rose and frankincense anti-aging moisturiser.
Protecting your skin from the sun’s rays is also important for keeping your skin happy and healthy.
Sun cream in December might seem like an odd concept, but UVB rays can still damage your skin, causing premature aging and even increasing your risk of skin cancer. Green People have the perfect solution, with scent-free, sensitive skin which are reef safe, organic, cruelty free, fair trade and recyclable! Some sun creams contain chemicals which can bleach corals, decrease fertility in fish and even effect dolphins. Green people uses natural ingredients such as Green Tea, Rosemary and Edelweiss to filter out UV rays without harming our marine life.  
Our Night-Time Hero
Our amazing new night cream is a Christmas essential! With soothing whipped avocado butter and the beautiful safflower, this night cream moisturises and protects your skin throughout the night. Avocados are full of essential antioxidants and vitamins to help relieve inflammation and reduce the redness associated with acne. They can even help your skin recover from wounds and sunburn and help reduce the appearance of ageing! Safflower is a beautiful plant part of the sunflower family with bright yellow and orange flowers. Safflower oil is noncomedogenic, meaning it won’t clog you pores, and anti-inflammatory, making it great at treating acne! It is also great if you have sensitive skin or skin conditioners such as eczema because it helps protect the outer layer of your skin and reduce flaking.
We hope these have given you some ideas for Christmas prezzies! Let us know your favourite skin-care essential.

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