• How to determine your skin type?

    There are so many blogs out there talking about what products to use for your skin type (including ours which you can read here). But what if you d...
  • Recycling your Gaia&Vie products

    Recycling is converting waste into reusable material.

    In the UK all councils provide recycling to houses in their area. Although this is a rough guide, all councils have different recycling regulations so check with your area rules before recycling.
  • What Gaia&Vie product is right for your skin?

    Getting the right skincare routine for your skin is essential in solving any skincare troubles you may have. To help you get on the right path, here are the best products for your skin type. 

     See for dry, sensitive, acne-prone, oily or combination skin types

  • Exfoliating? Is it worth the fuss?

    Why exfoliate? What exfoliator is the best? Does exfoliation help my skin? Well facial exfoliation can help remove old, dull skin and allow healthy new skin to come to the surface when done correctly. Exfoliation can also help prevent the build-up of oil and dirt and is particularly beneficial for oily or blemish-prone skin. Additionally, removing dead skin cells can help your other skincare products penetrate deeper, improving their effects and even improve the appearance of your foundation.
  • Dermatillomania: the skin picking disorder

    You may be wondering from the title of this blog, what is a skin picking disorder? It is no secret that most of us have squeezed a spot, pestered a pimple or scratched a scab, so when exactly does this everyday habit turn into something serious?

    For me, I realised that I was suffering from a skin picking disorder when picking at my skin became an obsession: I couldn’t sleep if I hadn’t sat at my vanity and extracted every blackhead from my nose, I couldn’t eat before aggravating every
  • Skincare around the world

    These skincare practices scattered around the world are brought together by one common string - they're organic and sustainable- The two elements that are crucial to the Gaia & Vie skincare range. 
  • Why You Should Incorporate Sustainable Values Into Your Daily Life

    While some avoid “going green” because they fear the cost is too much, many sustainable options end up saving money in the long-run. Maybe that’s by turning lights off when you exit a room or turning off the water while brushing your teeth. Doing this can help you shift slowly into a more conscious lifestyle, without getting overwhelmed. Remember, any action is better than inaction.
  • Skincare and its importance to having a routine that inspires positivity.

     After finding the right products I began to create a routine both for the mornings and for night-time I didn’t realise how beneficial this is especially in regard to the positivity I try to share with others.  I have always been someone that loves a routine but since moving out and living with my partner it can be really hard to maintain one. I’ve found that having a consistent skincare routine gives me that sense of having a daily routine. This doesn’t mean keeping the products the same everyday but just the act of having a skincare routine that I can follow allows me to keep that positive mindset that I really want to help others with.
  • The body positivity edit with Wyld & Womanli

    “The more I painted female nude art, the more I realised that I wanted to create a brand that, for once, lifted women up and showed them how amazing they are just as they are, rather than telling them that they needed to be skinnier, more tanned, prettier, more flawless and that they needed to buy ‘this product’ to achieve that result.”
  • Summer Skin Prep

    When the hot weather comes out, I feel like its engrained in us all to want to be shiny goddesses in our new holiday clothes and flip flops. After 22 years I think I’ve finally mastered getting my skin ready for the warmer months, including shaving, tanning and using makeup to add a radiant glow!

    Here are a few tips and tricks on how to prep your skin for summer! You don’t have to follow all the steps, just take what applies to you and let us know your fave tricks for summer skin in the comments section below 😊.
  • Sustainable Swaps for the Kitchen

      How satisfying is it when you go to a supermarket and see all the cleaning supplies neatly lined up, all the colours, all the brands, and all dif...
  • Skin Saviours

    Knowing how your skin behaves is super useful if you want to know your way around the skincare shelves. Before we get started, it’s important to understand that like every other part of you body, your skin changes often. The way your skin looks and feels can be affected by age, hormone levels and even the weather. So just like when the seasons change and you need to switch up your wardrobe, it’s pretty normal to need different skincare products for different times in your life.