• Skincare and its importance to having a routine that inspires positivity.

     After finding the right products I began to create a routine both for the mornings and for night-time I didn’t realise how beneficial this is especially in regard to the positivity I try to share with others.  I have always been someone that loves a routine but since moving out and living with my partner it can be really hard to maintain one. I’ve found that having a consistent skincare routine gives me that sense of having a daily routine. This doesn’t mean keeping the products the same everyday but just the act of having a skincare routine that I can follow allows me to keep that positive mindset that I really want to help others with.
  • The body positivity edit with Wyld & Womanli

    “The more I painted female nude art, the more I realised that I wanted to create a brand that, for once, lifted women up and showed them how amazing they are just as they are, rather than telling them that they needed to be skinnier, more tanned, prettier, more flawless and that they needed to buy ‘this product’ to achieve that result.”
  • Summer Skin Prep

    When the hot weather comes out, I feel like its engrained in us all to want to be shiny goddesses in our new holiday clothes and flip flops. After 22 years I think I’ve finally mastered getting my skin ready for the warmer months, including shaving, tanning and using makeup to add a radiant glow!

    Here are a few tips and tricks on how to prep your skin for summer! You don’t have to follow all the steps, just take what applies to you and let us know your fave tricks for summer skin in the comments section below 😊.
  • Sustainable Swaps for the Kitchen

      How satisfying is it when you go to a supermarket and see all the cleaning supplies neatly lined up, all the colours, all the brands, and all dif...
  • Skin Saviours

    Knowing how your skin behaves is super useful if you want to know your way around the skincare shelves. Before we get started, it’s important to understand that like every other part of you body, your skin changes often. The way your skin looks and feels can be affected by age, hormone levels and even the weather. So just like when the seasons change and you need to switch up your wardrobe, it’s pretty normal to need different skincare products for different times in your life.

  • Skincare Trends Demystified: Facial Massage

    Facial massage seemed to appear one day in the influencer world. My Instagram feed was full to the brim with gua sha’s and Jade Rollers and between me and you…I don’t think anyone really knew what to do with them.

    The real truth is, that using facial massage tools for lymphatic drainage and sculpting has been around for years, originating from Chinese practices
  • Gaia & Vie X The Indy Box

    Lets see what Becky had to say......Are there and trends in skincare you have noticed recently?

    “Oils are a huge thing now! I was always so scared to use oils, as I have acne-prone, and quite oily skin. We make sure that I try out all of the products that we feature in our boxes, which means I’ve discovered so many new products. It was actually the Gaia & Vie oil which made me fall in love with oils and realise that it doesn’t matter if you have oily skin - you should still use oils. The Gaia & Vie oil transformed my skin and it’s never been clearer since using this oil. I will definitely be repurchasing and making it a staple in my skincare routine!
  • Amping up your skincare routine

    So, we covered our No Fuss Skincare Routine many weeks ago and now it’s time to amp it up to make your skin as gorg as it can be!

    If you missed our post talking you through a simple routine, have a read HERE!
    Acids, masks and serums all may sound a bit scary at first but stick with us for your simple guide.
  • The Famous Gaia&Vie Face Oils

    If you’re a customer of us already, then you’ll be familiar with the gorgeousness that is Gaia & Vie’s oils. The lightweight formula, the recyclable packaging, and the ethically sourced ingredients, are just *some* of the good things about the oils we make! Both our oils also have 5* reviews over on our website…so they

  • Feeding your skin

    Because glowing skin starts from within...
    From a young age, we’re taught how to feed our bodies to make them the best they can be. But what about our skin? A lot of food groups have such massive effects on the way our skin looks and behaves and many of us don’t even know it!
  • Spring Cleaning Your Skincare Cupboard

    When the spring comes around, everyone seems to be clearing out their wardrobes to make room for summery skirts and crop tops. But what about our skincare?

    When the weather starts changing, so does our skin! Heavy formulas and thick creams might start to feel a bit sticky when the sun comes out, so follow these simple steps to make sure your skincare routine is ready for Summer!
  • How to get glowing skin when working out

    Through the various lockdowns we’ve had, I started running to get my steps in and get my fitness up. I did some research on how I should be treating my skin to protect it from the UK weather and wanted to share it with you today!
    Here are my top skincare tips for working out!